Thapathali, Kathmandu.


for better health...

Intrepid Diagnostic Center (IDC) is a full-service, reference laboratory dedicated to providing world-class care. IDC offers high quality, clinically impactful pathology and laboratory diagnostics services.

We exercise world standard techniques for evaluation of pathology specimens to provide accurate and swift evaluation, our pathologists/technicians maintain expertise in the following areas to provide an all-inclusive evaluation:

Biochemistry             Immunology                             Haematology

Microbiology             Molecular diagnosis                 Serology     

Histopathology         Immuno-histo chemistry        Cytology

IDC’s guiding principle of “Customers First” demands a relentless focus on improved outcomes and better service by setting standards, collecting data and analysing results. IDC as reference laboratory we emphasis on privacy, integrity, quality results, unmatched client service and close working relationship with clinicians. At IDC, we recognize that our results and interpretations can be pivotal in a patient’s life.

IDC's 'zero tolerance policy' on any compromises drives its operation to deliver quality and accurate reports and best services in the industry. Quality on everything we do is taken very seriously in IDC, hence we have team of specialists in every area of operations: MD Pathologists (for histopathology, cytology and Haematology reports and quality supervising purpose), MBBS MD biochemist (for all biochemistry reports and quality supervising purpose), Virologists (for all molecular diagnosis) Microbiologists and Technologists. 

Along with our capable team of specialists, our organisation share technical and expert advice from Pathology Department of Rajiv Gandhi Institute and Research Center Delhi, India and Pathology Department of Maasstad Hospital, Netherlands. 

To assure what we do is among the best, in addition to our thorough internal Quality Control program, we also participate in External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) program, where more than 2000 laboratories from around the world participates.